Here is a non-exaustive list of our current and past projects.

Bitcoin-Monero Atomic Swaps

We actively research and develop atomic swap technologies, especially between Bitcoin and Monero blockchains. Our latest research resulted in a preprint paper, in which we demonstrated for the first time a full protocol to exchange bitcoin and monero anonymously, in a trustless, permissionless, and peer-to-peer manner.

The Monero Rust Library

We originally created and maintain with the help of the Rust community the monero crate under the monero-rs GitHub organization, which hosts Monero Rust centric projects.

The library supports de/serialization on block data structures, key/address/sub-address generation and parsing, private keys and one-time keys creation, and scanning transaction output with key pairs with output discovery.

Bitcoin Fee Estimator

The bitcoin mempool is messy and too many people are jumping the line, congesting whoever is behind. Let’s organize that mess. No randomly jumping in front of the line no more! Rather squeeze in and dance with the queue. This work was commissioned by Bity SA.

Payment Channels

Once upon a time, we wanted to create a tech for a simple, one-way payment channel for debit card payments (which are mostly one way as well). We had some technical achievements, but our business partners never progressed.

CBC Casper Consensus Mechanism

You know that one time that you got abducted to a foreign planet?